Three Blending Photo Editors for Your Smartphone

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Three Blending Photo Editors for Your Smartphone

Blending photo editor is essential if you want to use the blend effect on your photos without the hassle of doing it on Photoshop or other photo editing software. Basically, blend mode is an option on photo editing software that allows you to blend two layers together. These layers can be an image, a graphic, or even a texture.

Nowadays, as smartphones become powerful and their cameras become more capable, you can blend two images together right on your smartphone. Blending two images together can make one unique image that will attract people’s attention if you post it online. To blend images, you used to need a professional photo editing software. Nowadays, you can get a blending photo editor on your phone for various prices. Sometimes, you can even get it for free.
Here are the best apps to blend images together.

1. Image Blender

This app can only be found on the Apple App Store. To use this app, you need to pay $3.99. If you are a mobile photographer who uses an iPhone as your primary phone, then you will enjoy this app. It is easy to use. You can use Multi-exposure effects with one tap. On this app, you can also add an element to your photo or replace an element that is already there. You can also use overlays. The good news is you can do all of this with one simple tap.
If you want to make your image looks eye-catching, you can also add texture. When you put a filter over your photo, you can adjust it the way you want it. Unfortunately, you cannot do basic editing actions on Image Blender.
The higher the resolution of a photo is, the better the quality. Thankfully, Image Blender produces images with high-resolution, so you do not need to worry the images will look bad or pixelated when you post it on your social media account. When you use this app to blend two images together, the process is automatic. While it means that it is easy and fast to do, it also means there are not many things you can change on the end product.

2. BlendMe

If you use an Android smartphone instead, then you might consider using BlendMe. One of the good things about this app is that it is totally free. BlendMe is an app that will give you a great tool to blend two photos or to make an image with double exposure effect. Another good thing about this app is that it allows you the freedom to edit your photos.
On this app, you can blend more than two pictures. At maximum, you can blend up to four images. If you love to experiment with your photos, then you will love this app since it allows you to combine many ways of making double exposure effects. This app is also rich with features, such as Enhancer HD.

3. Blend Editor – Double Exposure

If you use an iPhone but you want a free photo blending editor, you should look for Blending Editor – Double Exposure. Despite being free, this app is user-friendly. It is easy to use. To make a double exposure photo, you can do that in three steps.
First, you need to select two photos you want to use. One of them will be the foreground while the other will be the background. You can do this by choosing the photos from your phone’s gallery or choose the pictures on this app. Then you choose which image to be the background and foreground. After that, you only need to pick the blend mode you want. And voila! The good thing about blending photo editor on a smartphone is it is very easy to use.


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